Boost your business

It’s as simple as ‘Locals, supporting local’. As part of the North Canterbury business community ourselves, we are committed to supporting and enabling local businesses to thrive. The whole community benefits from the success of our local businesses. 

Many North Canterbury businesses have taken a huge hit and have made major sacrifices to keep us and our families safe during this pandemic. We want to pay it forward by offering our services to help give one of our local business friends a boost.

At The Mark, we pair strategic marketing planning, advice and support with effective, success driven creative to help local businesses get started, grow, innovate and make their mark

Boost North Canterbury is a collaboration of like-minded businesses who saw the opportunity to join forces and show our support by giving one of our local business heroes a business boost. The Mark Creative, Sidekick Accounting, Northern Outlook and Compass FM are offering their expertise, support and services as part of combined $16,000 business boost package.

  • A70 Customs