Briscoes coming soon to Rangiora

By the Warehouse in Rangiora recently, there is progress starting of the adjacent Briscoes building.  This 2,400 sq metres will comprise a 500sq metre store area and 1900 sq metre retail space.  The work is being done by Miles Construction and the build is running to schedule with no unforeseen issues thus far.

The new Briscoes store it planned to be operational by the end of September.

Stage 2 of this development project will see Animates, Super Cheap Autos and Warehouse Stationery coming onto the corner site.  These will all be builds of approximately 750 sq metres each and will run parallel to East Belt.

Whilst there are currently final approvals and consents awaiting from Waimakariri District Council, it is hopeful we could start see to work commencing on that area of the site within the next couple of months and possible completion by the end of the year.

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