Have you got a young one Starting School this year?

Have you got a young one starting school this year?
Worrying about your child’s first day/week/term at school is natural, but research shows that your actions and how you manage your own behaviour will have an influence on their behaviour.
Marie from Community Wellbeing North Canterbury – Mana Ake – Stronger for Tomorrow team has created a FREE BOOKLET with tips and hints to help the journey into school go smoothly.
You can get your free copy of “GOT A YOUNG ONE STARTING SCHOOL?” from our office at Level 1, 29 High Street Rangiora or call them on 03 310 6375.
Here are a few tips from the Mana Ake booklet:
• Model brave behaviour – try new things and take some risks – this will help your child be brave too.
• Avoid avoidance – fears have a way of growing and making things harder in the long run. Avoid changing plans to accommodate anxious thoughts.
• Remember that issues around starting school are temporary and can be worked through – the teaching staff are there to support your whānau. Everyone will be ok, even if things don’t go quite right some days, there is always tomorrow.
• Show them how you cope, when you are anxious. For example, say: “I’m just going to take some big, slow, deep breaths to help me keep calm”. Remember they’re watching and learning from what you do. If you can feel anxious and cope, so can they.
• As a parent we often put ourselves last – think about your own self care – are you eating well, getting exercise, getting enough sleep? Reach out to those who could help. Take a bath. Have some time out.

For more information get in contact with https://wellbeingnc.org.nz/


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