Letter from Kerry Treymane – Compass FM

Just letting you know that we are continuing to broadcast live or as live as we can. We’ll be chatting to all sorts of North Cantabrians over the next wee while as we settle into what is the new normal, and of course playing all your favourite songs from the 60’s to the 2020’s. What a wide variety!
Technology enables us to connect with you even when we’re not in the studio so, we’ll keep in contact with you and you can keep in contact with us. 311-7100 is the studio line. Best to call that number between 6am – 2pm. After that, text 027-266 7277 (027-Compass). Flick us requests on the text line.
Facebook is good. “Like” us there and we can pop up all sorts of interesting and helpful posts. Send us your photos and messages as per normal, we’ll have fun.!
The various specialty shows we present will continue. Compass Country, Compass Nostalgia, Outstanding 80’s, Club Compass and the Mega Music Breakfast. There are also a few surprises coming your way soon too. Rock music anyone?
I always sign off on air with this wee saying and I’ve been doing this for years. “Look after yourself, Look after you family”, and I’ll just add, ‘look after your friends and wash your hands’.
He waka eke noa – We’re all in this together.

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