On yer Bike – NC Bike Trails

On your Bike…..
After some formidable weather events, Kaiapoi Island forest trail is ready to go! Back open and ready for people to enjoy the shade it offers !!!

River trail at Kaiapoi Island is still bumpy from the silt build up after flood but still ridable.

The Ashley Rakahuri is looking pretty good. Maintenance on the trails has been put on hold due to extreme fire risk. Maintenance will resume fire risk drops, when we get some rain.

For more info on all our trails in North Canterbury head over to https://www.visitwaimakariri.co.nz/walking-and-cycling/?fbclid=IwAR1QQWFgESi35kBeRiOzoEb7Sng7u_OgfKBp0YsI7zcwyJh1yq5g2Rm9wvU

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