Pegasus Parkrun to celebrate their 2nd Birthday

Pegasus parkrun will celebrate our 2nd Birthday on 16th June. It’s still a couple of weeks away and in light of the energies required to put on something like our 100th, we will keep this one relatively low key. Apart from having a Birthday cake and probably some balloons, the only other item on the agenda is that we will make this a Chari-Tee run!
So what does that mean?
Many of us currently support particular charities and/or have Tee Shirts earned in events supporting a cause e.g I will wear one of my Heart Foundation Heart Racer shirts.
If you don’t have such a shirt, then the alternatives would be a) a parkrun shirt. b) a Club shirt. or c) have a go at dress up.
This is just about showing who we support, not about collecting for them.

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