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Shared from the Waimakariri District Council website:

We have been working to finalise the design for the upgrade to Flaxton Road, including the shared walking and cycling path on the western side of the road.

While looking more closely at the detail of the upgrade, we identified there is a risk with the stability of the bank that could significantly impact the project budget.

The issues

An investigation into the long-term stability of the drain banks has shown us that the current proposal to build a shared path on the western side of Flaxton Road creates an increased risk of the path collapsing or slumping into the drain.

If the shared path were to remain on the western side, a significant length of the drain bank would need to be retained or reshaped, adding significant costs to the project. Even then, there would still be an ongoing risk of slumping or collapsing.

As well as the cost increases, even if major earthworks were carried out to stabilise the drain banks, the risks of collapse would still be a factor and the risk of ongoing repairs is high.

We propose moving the shared path to the eastern side of Flaxton Road. This avoids cost increases and removes the risk of encountering any bank stability issues. We want to know what you think about this proposal.

Tell us what you think
We’re holding two drop-in sessions at Soda Café so that you can talk more about the proposal with staff and ask questions.

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