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Flaxton Road Upgrade
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during September on the
proposal to move the shared path to the eastern side of Flaxton Road.
Following the consultation period, we tried to incorporate as much of the feedback received into the design as possible.
The design was then subject to an independent road safety audit, which identified two issues:

  1. Several locations along the path did not offer acceptable visibility between vehicles exiting driveways and
    motorists approaching from the right. This is caused by parked cars blocking the view of on-coming traffic
    encouraging drivers to edge over, blocking the shared path.
  2. The design included informal parking on the western side with a mountable kerb to define the road edge. This
    raised safety concerns because drivers and passengers have to walk along the live traffic lane to and from their
    destination, and passengers existing vehicles are close to the open drain, increasing risk for young children.
    The audit results presented two options:
    • Either remove all on-street parking along Flaxton Road to improve visibility, or
    • Downgrade the shared path to a footpath.
    When we initially proposed improvements to the road last year, we heard that people wanted improved businesses
    access, on-street parking to remain, and better pedestrian and cyclist access.
    While preparing the design, we have tried to include as many features as possible to accommodate different types
    of road users, including people on bikes, motorists and those visiting or working at local businesses.
    The safety audit has shown that essentially there is not enough road width to provide for the widened traffic lanes,
    flush median, parking as well as a shared path.
    Acknowledging the challenges with trying to incorporate all desirable features into the road upgrade, the
    Rangiora-Ashley Community Board has recommended that the Council approve a design that removes the shared
    path, and replaces it with a 1.8m wide footpath on the eastern side of the road.
    The following changes have also been made to the design:
    • Replacement of the 2.5m shared path with a 1.8m footpath on the eastern side of Flaxton Road
    • Additional parking bays have been added on the eastern side to increase the number of on-street parking
    spaces from the previous proposal
    • Kerb improvements and improved visibility has been provided at most vehicle crossing points on the eastern
    side of Flaxton Road, to provide for safer exit and entry
    • A footpath connection has been added on the eastern side of Flaxton Road between the Resource Recovery
    Park and the Flaxton Road/Fernside Road intersection
    • The issue of informal parking at the northern end of the western side is still being considered. At this stage it is
    unclear whether we will be able to overcome the safety concerns and this is still being worked through.
    Please turn over
    The below drawings show a cross section of the road layout looking north towards Rangiora, showing with and
    without on-street parking.
    What happens next?
    The Council will be tendering the work in the coming week. In the next week or so, we will be visiting all businesses to
    explain what is happening, and discuss any matters that we need to be aware of prior to and during construction.

    Key Dates: We have a lot going on over the next few months.

    For more information please contact
    Aaron Kibblewhite
    Project Engineer
    Waimakariri District Council
    Phone: 0800 965 468 (0800 WMK GOV)
    Mobile: 027 648 6575
  1. About the work
    Work is being planned so that it reduces impacts to businesses, visitors and motorists as much as possible.
    • Contractors will be completing road repairs during October in preparation for the improvement works to begin.
    The work will be done during the night to minimise disruption
    • Alternative access for deliveries and heavy vehicles is being arranged
    • Two lanes will remain open during the work
    • A site office will be set up at the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park for contractors to ensure on-street
    parking remains available for businesses
    • There will be a reduced speed limit through the work area to keep workers safe
    We will provide an update before the work begins with more details about alternative access, timing of work and
    traffic impacts.
    It is intended that the work will be awarded before Christmas, with the main improvement works completed by
    May. Following on from that, the resurfacing will take place separately.
    We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses. In the meantime, feel free to make contact if you
    have any questions.


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